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PC to FAX Service
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  Software for Windows 98/ME
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Convenience (PC-Fax):

Send single or multiple faxes directly from your PC, with the click of a button. Select multiple documents from different applications in one fax, and receive final confirmation of delivery in your inbox. It is fast and it is easy and you can now fax while in the office or on the road.

Improved productivity:
Stop printing every document you want to fax, and eliminate the fax machine commute by sending faxes from your desktop. You will also enjoy Winux's automatic attempts to resend failed faxes, which means you don't have to do it.
Lower cost:

Avoid any upfront software or fax hardware costs including dedicated fax lines and fax machines. Save on all long distance charges with every fax you send and stop paying for failed fax attempts.

To see the fax rate please visit
No Fax Machine Required:

You do not have to spend for fax machine. All you have to do is just installed a software and start sending fax by just clicking “Send” button.

No Telephone Line required:

Generally to send fax from a fax machine You got to have an ISD telephone line which cost extra T&T bill and monthly line rent. If you use Winux Fax Service your do not need any telephone line. So in this regard you not only saving T&T billing and monthly rent but your telephone line remain free to receive incoming calls.

No Monthly Charge:
We do no have any monthly charge. Our service methodology is “No use No Pay”.
Charge For only Successfully Faxes:

A fax can be failed due do many reasons such as voice answer, line busy, transmission failure, our of paper, host unreachable, invalid number and so on….

We DO NOT charge until a fax has successfully sent to the final destination.
Fax Broadcasting:

Normally to send fax to 100 recipients you manually have to type and send fax one after another. In our service, you can broadcast same fax to thousand even millions recipients at a single shot. So sending fax one by one is not only wastage of time but also wastage of HR labor cost.

NB: “Unsolicited commercial fax is strictly prohibited”.
We provide technical support 24 * 7 to the clients. We provide support by:
  • 24 hour Email support (
  • 24 hour Messenger support
  • Physical support on call (In some critical condition)
  • Telephone assistances (880-2-9891538,9858849)
  • Mobile Support for emergency case only (880-2-01711-336825)




House # 16, Road # 36, Gulshan
Phone : 88-02-8858849, 9891538
88-02-9891538, 9883619
Hotline: 88-01711-336825
Fax : 88-02-9886541


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