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Outsourcing Web Development to Bangladesh

We have found that companies especially in the United States and United Kingdom have found it economically beneficial to outsource web development to Winux Soft Ltd.

If you run a web development company overloaded with projects or want to provide additional web services to your clients, we would be glad to assist you in getting that extra edge over your competitors. Since we are based in Bangladesh, our overhead costs are much lesser. You can pass this advantage to your clients/prospects submitting a more competitive quote. Furthermore, since we are 9½ hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and 5½ ahead of GMT, we literally work when you sleep. This is especially helpful in urgent projects.

We extend special pricing to companies that outsource to us. Bulk projects carry additional discounts. We promise that you'll find our prices the best in the industry with highest quality work.

What kind of projects can you outsource to Winux Soft Ltd?
We have successfully completed virtually all kinds of web related projects for offshore companies.
List class spot
  • Web design, layout and development
  • Web application development
  • Web banner design
  • Graphic Design
  • Flash presentations
  • Search Engine promotion
  • Web site validation and usability testing

The commitment

We understand your involvement with your clients and pledge to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee - quality work at low cost delivered before the deadline!

Please do read some of the feedback we have received from our international clients. Testimonials

About Winux Soft Ltd

Winux Soft Ltd is a web development and graphic design company based in Bangladesh. Located in Hyderabad, the Information Technology capital of Bangladesh, our team consists of experienced web designers, web developers and graphic designers. Our clients include companies from the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and Australia.

Pricing & Costing

We offer different mix of affordable pricing structure to standard & custom designing as per the nature of the work.To be economical viable to the client we follow the Fixed Price/ Fixed Time Approach without any hourly approach

In this simplified approach the customer is asked to simply write us with detailed project description. We elaborates and clarifies project details with the customer by e-mail / online chat or phone. Upon completing a specification that is agreeable to both sides, Winux Soft Ltd will provide the required budget and time frame. When the customer agrees to the created project estimate and working plan, the project implementation phase will begin.

This approach is preferable for closely specified - fixed projects that require minimum involvement from the customer 's team.

Sample Calculations for a dummy site

ABC company wants to design a web site which is having approx 10 pages of standard types as follows:-

Project Name : -

Total Page = 10 ( 1 Home Page + 2 Dynamic Page + 7 Static Pages with regular graphics)

Designing charges for this site will be as follows :-
Home Page - US$ 70x 1 = US$70
Static Pages - U$30 x 7 = US$210
Dynamic Pages - US$50 x 2 = US$100
Total Design Cost = US$380

If you are interested in contracting work to Winux Soft Ltd, please send us an email.

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